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Hey Guys !! :D It*s Miley Ray HERE :)I*m happy because finally I have an account there <3 There are so many fakes :| I really hate fakes !! Get a life,fakes!! Because I have my life .. :) In this world exist just one "Miley Cyrus" .. And I*m this girl ~ I am Miley Cyrus,guys!! <<< If u don*t believe in me .. Please don*t leave me bad comments cuz I will dlt them :) Right?! So .. I am Miley and nobody change this !! Love u guys so much :) Thanks for all ^^

xoxo Miley
Hey Deget <33
Hey Deget <33

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xDollysJusS 2 December 2010  
Hey ma` Mille :)
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